An American Restaurant Visited by Patrons from all Over Connecticut!

The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern was re-opened by new owners Mr. and Mrs. Neugold on April 4th, and has been a staple American restaurant in the Connecticut area ever since. Drawing patrons from Trumbull, to Monroe and Danbury, The Foundry has centered its focus on providing guests with delicious food made from fresh local produce, and has quickly developed a reputation as a great place to eat in the local community. The staff of The Foundry are consistently looking for ways to update the menu, adding new drink specials, dishes, and flavors, which keeps patrons coming back for more.

The menu is not the only thing receiving an upgrade however! The upstairs portion of the restaurant has been newly renovated and is now available to be used for private dinner parties, as well as food and drink pairing events.

Are You in the Trumbull, Monroe or Danbury Areas? Stop in!

If you are in the area and are looking for a true American restaurant experience, complete with delicious food, great staff, and an inviting atmosphere, stop by The Foundry Kitchen and Tavern!